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Output format

For each input fraction ${n}/{d}$, you have to print out a line containing the values ${u}/{v}$ and ${x}/{y}$ nearest to ${n}/{d}$ in $X$, where ${u}/{v} < {n}/{d} <
{x}/{y}$. Print out $u$, $v$, $x$ and $y$ as four integers, in that order, on a single line, separated by spaces. Thus, your output will consist of M lines overall, each containing 4 integers.

The correct output for the earlier sample input is shown below.

1 51 1 50
41 61 39 58

Note: Your program should not print anything other than these M lines, each consisting of 4 numbers. Please remove all diagnostic print statements before making your final submission. A program with extraneous output will be treated as incorrect!

Madhavan Mukund 2003-05-22

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