ICO Online Programming Contest and Online Judge


Other Online Program Contests and Resources

Here are some other useful online resources.

  • Codechef for Schools, including a monthly contest, Lunch Time, on the last Sunday of every month.

  • USACO, the USA Computing Olympiad, training pages and online contests.

  • Croatian Open Competition in Informatics, an ongoing series of online contests.

  • SPOJ, Sphere Online Judge, archive of problems.

    The second edition of the international programming contest, addressed first of all to high school students: High School Programming League 2009/2010 has just started.

    The contest will consist of 5 problem sets, each lasting about 4 weeks. Participation in the contest is completely free, with the top-scoring contestants being invited on-site for a final round of competition to Gdynia, Poland (in Summer 2010). From now on, you can register for the contest, solve the test problem and have a look around the system. The 1st problem set starts on September 19 at 12:00 SPOJ time. More detailed information is available from the contest website:

  • UVA Online Judge, Universidad de Valladolid archive of ACM ICPC problems.

  • Peking University Online Judge, archive of ACM ICPC problems.

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