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Indian National Olympiad in Informatics 2015

The Indian National Olympiad in Informatics, 2015 (INOI-2015) took place on Saturday, 31 January, 2015. Of the 183 students who participated in INOI-2015, 30 students have qualified for the training camp to select the Indian team for the International Olympiad in Informatics, 2015 (IOI-2015).

Zonal Computing Olympiad 2015

The Zonal Computing Olympiad, 2015 (ZCO-2015) was held on Saturday, 6 December, 2014. About 280 students wrote ZCO-2015. 67 students have qualified for the Indian National Olympiad in Informatics, 2015 (INOI-2015).

Zonal Informatics Olympiad 2015

The Zonal Informatics Olympiad, 2015 (ZIO-2015) was held at 24 cities across India on Saturday, 29 November, 2014. About 900 students wrote ZIO-2015. 171 students have qualified for the Indian National Olympiad in Informatics, 2015 (INOI-2015).

International Olympiad in Informatics, 2014

IOI-2014 was held at Taipei, Taiwan during July 13–20, 2014. Akshat Bubna won India's first ever gold medal at IOI, while Malvika Raj Joshi won a silver medal. Pushkar Mishra narrowly missed winning a bronze medal.

The team that represented India at IOI-2014 was as follows:

  • Akshat Bubna, Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi
  • Malvika Raj Joshi, Chashak Gurukul, Mumbai
  • Pushkar Mishra, Delhi Public School, R K Puram, New Delhi
  • Nihal Pednekar, Late P.B. Jog Jr. College, Pune
IOI 2014 Team Photo
Akshat, Nihal, Pushkar, Malvika

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Indian contingent were Prof K Narayan Kumar, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, and Nadeem Moidu, Google, respectively.

The team was chosen at the end of a 9 day training camp, held in Bangalore during the period 1 May–9 May, 2014. We thank Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd for sponsoring the camp and The International School Bangalore for making their congenial campus available to us for holding the camp.

The Indian team's travel to IOI-2014 was sponsored by Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.

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